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The Oro Verde Foundation (Fundación Oro Verde, para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo) is a non-profit organization (NGO) created to develop definitive solutions for Environmental Concerns in Costa Rica and Central America. To fulfill this ambitious role, Oro Verde functions as a scientific research service provider, an international education resource, an environmental protection and reclamation organization, and a community development service.

Oro Verde is dedicated to finding solutions to common environmental problems and their underlying social causes, with the conviction that caring for the environment is our historically entrusted moral responsibility. Deforestation, extinction, natural water source pollution, wastewater treatment and trash disposal, and many other environmental infractions have yet to be adequately researched and their "human" causes have not yet been sufficiently addressed in Costa Rica. Conservation is of utmost importance, but it must be accompanied by attention to the social issues, which cause environmental exploitation and degradation. As we care for the environment and use our natural resources responsibly we not only improve mankind's standard of living and hope for the future, we also realign ourselves, in part, with the purpose for which we were created and approximate ourselves to our Creator, as stewards of His Creation.
  1. Research efforts in cooperation with national and international universities.
  2. Investigative Studies for a proposed International Airport in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.

  3. Research into the prevention of Aviation Bird/Wildlife Strike in Costa Rica and Central America.

  4. Development of Environment Management Plans for all airports in Costa Rica.

  5. Develop Recycle Programs for Municipalities in Costa Rica.

  6. Creation of high quality educational materials and Television programming.

  7. Establish Environmental Research and Education Center (BIO-ENZA).

  8. Establish the Oro Verde´s Private Biological Reserve in the Osa Peninsula, Southern Costa Rica.

  9. Reforestation of farms neighboring Biological Preserves with the labor assistance of national and international volunteers.

  10. Design and implementation of Community Development programs for the rural zone surrounding the Oro Verde Wildlife Preserve. 

  11. The formation of private reserves through assisting private owners and local governments.

  12. Reproduce Oro Verde´s projects in other localities in Costa Rica and Central America.


Present and Future Objectives

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